Remediation and Decontamination


Mould and Bacterial Remediation and Decontamination

Air scrubbing and Drying equipment on site

Decontamination of fungal contamination covers more than just wiping down or vacuuming. Do you actually know what you are trying to decontaminate, is it bacterial, fungal, Mycotoxins, Endotoxins Exotoxins or mycobacterium.

1. Mycotox will ensure that the source of contamination is contained so that no further cross contamination can occur, this maybe simply sealing off the affected room and placing it under negative air pressure.  Staff will utilize the appropriate PPE and may request that you leave the premises if they believe you health may be compromised.

2. Hepa Cleaning system will be ducted to the outside to ensure that ultrafine particulates and bacterial Endotoxins do not penetrated back into the space through the HEPA filters.Technicians working in protective decontamination suits

3. All affected materials will double bagged and removed through the nearest exit

4. Any clothing or personal belongings will be itemized before being double bagged and taken off site for further remediation.

5. Once contaminated materials like plaster, carpets etc are removed along with salvable contents, the affected area will be thoroughly HEPA vacuumed or if the area is wet will be wet vacuumed from an outside source.

6. A non bleach solution will then be used to wash all surfaces within the affected area.

7. If the area needs drying that will occur whilst the area is still held under negative air.

8 Clearance testing by an independent Mycologist will then be undertaken to validate that a successful result has been achieved. Testing of the area outside the contained area should also be carried out to ensure that cross contamination had not occurred before the remediation had occurred.

Our remediation arm can supply a vapour gas with a log 6 kill when required this is a patented system and is used accordingly. We have developed our own decontamination process for book collection and paper file remediation which recently remediated the Macquarie Library rare books successfully (see references

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