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Mycotox: My Journey From Water Damage to Mould Investigation

I started Mycotox over 30 years ago, not with the intention of becoming a mould investigator, but as a water damage restoration specialist. We helped people rebuild after floods, leaks, and dampness problems. While we were good at drying out structures, we started noticing a concerning trend: health issues related to fungal and bacterial contamination hidden within those structures.

These contaminants, often remnants of past water damage, were silently impacting residents’ health. We encountered people experiencing strange health problems that no one seemed able to explain. Interestingly, many of these individuals saw a dramatic improvement in their health simply by leaving the affected environment. This anecdotal evidence sparked a fire within me.

My professional curiosity morphed into a personal mission when my own family was affected by what appeared to be fungal contamination. It was then that I truly understood the potential dangers of these hidden threats and felt compelled to do something about it.

Fueled by this purpose, I embarked on a journey of research and collaboration. I partnered with leading medical research facilities, scientists, and practitioners in the field of indoor environmental health. This collaboration was invaluable, giving us access to cutting-edge testing methodologies.

I’m incredibly grateful to many individuals who guided and supported us along the way, including Dr Dennis Hooper, Dr Tim Guilford, Professor James Trosko, David Lark, Sue Carrick, Dr Michael Sulyok, Dr Tim Roberts, Dr Jack Thrasher, Dr Gary Erickson, and many others.

Witnessing countless clients experience significant health improvements after addressing indoor environmental contamination, either through decontamination or relocation, was incredibly rewarding. These successes, even for individuals with complex conditions like Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, solidified our commitment to raising awareness.

Our mission continues to be bringing this hidden issue to light and pursuing further research. We’re currently working on gaining ethical approval to investigate a potential link between fungal contamination in living spaces and breast cancer through tissue analysis.

In recent years, we’ve forged a strong relationship with Surviving Mould and Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, leading to some fascinating discoveries. We’ve also collaborated with Dr. Scott McMahon, exploring the connection between visual contrast sensitivity testing, C4a levels, and even potential gene expression influence.

This journey wouldn’t be possible without the invaluable contributions of these giants in the field. Like our business, Mycotox’s website will continue to evolve as we develop new testing methods and piece together the puzzle of environmental contamination. If you have any questions or stories to share, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Vince Neil Director Mycotox Pty Ltd