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About Mycotox

Mycotox was born from a personal mission to help individuals improve their health and well-being. Our journey began 32 years ago, driven by a desire to understand and address the often-overlooked connection between indoor environmental quality and human health.

From Remediation to Research

Initially focused on remediation work following water damage and dampness issues, we witnessed firsthand the negative health impacts associated with fungal and bacterial contamination within affected buildings. These experiences fueled our passion to delve deeper and find solutions.

Building Partnerships, Expanding Knowledge

We formed valuable partnerships with local and international research facilities, scientists, and medical professionals. These collaborations provided us with access to advanced testing facilities and fostered a deeper understanding of the complex interactions between indoor environmental factors and human health.

Our Guiding Light: Research and Collaboration

We are deeply grateful for the invaluable contributions of individuals like Professor James Trosko, Dr. Michael Sulyok, Dr. Tim Roberts, Dr. Jack Thrasher, Dr. Gary Erickson, and many others. Their expertise and guidance have been instrumental in shaping our approach and propelling our research forward.

Witnessing Transformations

Countless clients have experienced significant health improvements after we identified and addressed indoor environmental triggers within their homes and buildings. These remarkable transformations, particularly for individuals with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, serve as a constant source of inspiration for our continued efforts.

Breaking Free from Limitations

Nearly a decade ago, we recognized the limitations of working with insurance companies whose priorities often conflicted with our commitment to comprehensive testing and remediation. This decision allowed us to maintain our unwavering commitment to providing independent and thorough solutions for our clients.

Pioneering New Frontiers

Our collaboration with Surviving Mould, Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, Dr. Jimmy Ryan, and Dr. Scott McMahon has led to groundbreaking discoveries in areas such as gene expression, CIRS, and Visual Contrast Sensitivity Testing. We are continuously exploring innovative approaches to improve indoor air quality and mitigate the inflammatory response in susceptible individuals.

Looking Ahead

At Mycotox, we remain dedicated to advancing research, developing new testing methods, and raising public awareness about the often hidden dangers of indoor environmental contamination. We are committed to empowering individuals to take control of their health and create healthier living environments.

We welcome your questions and stories.

Vince Neil

Director, Mycotox Pty Ltd

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