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How Reducing Exposure Can Supercharge Your Lifestyle

I have suffered MCS along with Food Allergies, Insomnia, Intermittent Vertigo, Hypertension ,Muscle cramps.Intermittent constipation/diarrhoea, Severe nausea after food, more recent, Cloudy brain, Fatigue – severe

Fluctuating saliva pH levels. Often very acid. These symptoms had been present for about 25 years and had gradually increased in severity.

July, 2011. Vanity unit in en suite removed for replacement. Mould was found-After some weeks, Mycotox who specialize in testing and remediation were called in. While on site samples of mould were taken for culture.

Other areas of the house were also tested and a guest room beneath the kitchen was severely contaminated by fungi and bacteria, no doubt due to the several leaks that had happened over many years from faulty dishwasher fittings which had seen the kitchen being replaced.

16 days later after the moulds had been cultured and analysised, I was instructed to seal bedroom and en suite as a pathogenic mould was present along with bacterial Endotoxins. I began to sleep in my lounge room and had no contact with the affected areas.

Fatigue had been so great that, although I could continue with my work as a chiropractor, I could not cope with any extra exertion. Therefore, there was no exercise occurring, and many small domestic tasks were constantly neglected as I could not face them.


Things did start to improve

By living in the house with the affected areas sealed This fatigue is lifting (30/10/2011). It is a marked improvement and I am coping with mundane tasks, usually without a second thought. The severe nausea of recent months has abated, about an 80% improvement. Sleep patterns are changing. I am now able to sleep 3-4 hours at a stretch instead of 1-2 hours.

This improvement was interrupted for 10 days after a 2 hour exposure to a perfume. This reaction ceased as of 28/10/11.

15th – 30th October, took holidays from work. On 25th October the workplace was tested and found to have very high levels of contamination.. On Friday 4th November, a vaporising gas unit was installed for 36 hours to try and decrease the exposure within the workplace.

On returning to work on Monday, 6th November, the air in the clinic smelled fresher. Immediately after work on Mondays, I usually go to visit my husband in a nursing home 20 minutes drive. Many times I have had to pull to the side of the road for a several minute nap as I was unable to keep my eyes open, and for the next hour or so, I yawned. I presumed this was just at the end of a days’ heavy thinking and physical work. It was noticeable on 6th November, that neither of those reactions occurred, and for the rest of the week, I was not draggingly fatigued at the end of the working day.

10th, 11th 12th November, have been able to rise from bed early and exercise. Used the rowing machine 12th, and at a faster pace than I have been able to achieve before. Machine has been little used as energy levels were too low.

Blood pressure taken on 11th was 156/105. It has been as high as 190/120 in the past, but often 180/110-115. I have attempted to lower the blood pressure by many means, including medication, in the past few years, but no attempt was successful

As at 12th November, I have still had bouts of muscle cramping at night, but can relate that, as before, to chemical exposure from other sources

For about 12 months now, I have woken on most nights at about midnight to 1 a.m. with maxillary sinuses full and streaming, and eyes watering. I kept Kleenex in business for about ½ hr each night. Most distressing. Since my holidays from work, that symptom has greatly abated.

On Friday, 18th November, had a very heavy day at work. Arrived home about 7 p.m. and entered the bedroom to see what had been done that day, expecting a low level of vapour. I was in the room probably about 30 seconds. I then phoned Vince about the next week’s schedule, and told him how well I was feeling after such a heavy day. I slept very heavily that night, an unusual occurrence for a chronic insomniac.

I arose on Saturday morning 19th November about 6 a.m. to prepare for a Tai Chi demonstration in which I was taking part. I drank 2 mouthfuls of tea and had to go back to bed as my limbs felt like lead and felt extremely weak. I felt well otherwise well, no pain or breathlessness or other discomfort.

I slept heavily for another 3 hours and spent most of the rest of the day in bed. At 3.30 p.m. took blood pressure reading – 197/124!

At 9.30 a.m. on Sunday, B.P. had dropped to 176/106. Is there a direct relationship between entering the bedroom and the spiked blood pressure, or is it as I have suspected before, an end result of a long reaction to an allergen. ???

Reaction continued for 8 days to today with fluctuating blood pressure, return to nausea after meals, constipation/diarrhoea, muscle cramps, and severe fatigue. Was going to test entering the bedroom this morning, but as I already feel ill, I will likely not distinguish if a reaction is occurring.

30th December. Have been on holidays for 7 days. Have felt moderately well. Today, took some family members into the clinic which had been closed up for 7 days. By the time I was treating the third patient, I could not think straight, felt anxious, sweaty and very ill, and had to leave clinic. This would have been about 30 minutes. I noticed that all the jars of H2O2 had dried out, so replenished.

Have made sure that clinic is well ventilated until it can be decontaminated.

Back at work with Increasing fatigue and insomnia. as the week progresses.

What happened after the clinic was decontaminated

Clinic decontaminated on 20th – 24th January, carpet removed, everything Hepa vacuumed, washed down and then gassed New flooring, bamboo, installed 25th January. 27th January staff and I attended clinic to restore all to normal.

Since then there has been a definite upward trend in all areas of health with some reactions occurring, sinuses flaring red and draining, after being in my new en-suite which has been affected by a water leak with the recurrent patch of mould, to be removed shortly.

Reduce your exposure and possibly improve your lifestyle

Reactions to foods and chemicals, still occurring but of much shorter duration. Insomnia – not gone, but increased lengths of sleep. Intermittent Vertigo – none present 3 months.

Hypertension – 1 month ago, B.P. 209/120 Today, Still too high, but big improvement. Muscle cramps – only after known chemical exposure. Intermittent constipation/diarrhoea – rare – motions normal.

Severe nausea after food – now occasional. Cloudy brain – huge improvement in clarity and rapidity of decision making. Fatigue – has been a gradual increase in energy levels. 3 weeks ago started an exercise programme which I could not have even thought of a month ago. Fluctuating saliva pH levels – stabilized, occasional acid shift. Several parameters have changed that I did not even realise were altered. All senses – have increased in efficiency.

Too me thats a great result and shows how indoor microbial exposures can impact on one’s health


Increasing facial hair, which I had put down to age, has almost vanished which would indicate to me that hormones were being disrupted. Although this season has been the coldest at night that we have had for some time, I am not feeling it as I have in the last few years.