Our companies testing looks at not only the fungal component in water damaged building but looks at the wide spectra of microbial contamination to include the following when required:

1. Moisture levels using infra red cameras, and moisture meters to validate the infra red’s findings

2. Humidity readings and vapour pressure

3. Drilling and installing relative humidity probes to determine actual moisture in concrete when required.

4. Adsorption tubes to collect Microbial Volatile Organic compounds which can then evaluated with FTIR technology.

5. Sub floor testing of any moisture components

6. Collecting Airborne samples for bacterial and fungal

7. Sampling for Bacterial Endotoxins

8. Sampling for Fungal toxins (Mycotoxins)

9. Testing for airborne PM 2.5 and below microbial particulate levels- these fine particulates have been documented to carry Fungal toxins and fragments of bacterial cell walls, as well fungal particulates have been documented to be infected in some cases with viruses (Mycoviruses).

10. Urine testing to determine positives to Mycotoxins in exposed individuals from samples taken for the occupied areas.

11. Genetic fungal DNA to determine species as required and where biopsy tissue is available cross matching of the species located at the exposed site

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