Why Mycotox?

Reclaim Your Health, Reclaim Your Home. Breathe Easy with Mycotox

Mycotox is recognized as Australia’s only Forensic Microbial Investigative company, dedicated to assessing the health of buildings and their impact on residents. Mycotox conducts thorough investigations for indicators of inflammation, including asthma, sinus issues, headaches, brain fog, joint pain, and other ailments potentially triggered by the business or home environment.

By utilizing the Visual Contrast Sensitivity (VCS) testing from Surviving Mold and our proprietary Photocatalytic Air Purification System (PAPS), we are able to supply comprehensive data. This data assists your medical physician in determining the impact of the building on your health and the potential reduction in inflammation through the elimination of inflammatory triggers.

Securing the right team for an investigation is a critical decision.

Where Building Science Meets Health Restoration

Do you suspect your home environment is impacting your health, causing inflammation like asthma, sinus headaches, brain fog, joint pain, and other potential concerns? You’re not alone. Mycotox, Australia’s only forensic microbial investigative company, goes beyond traditional mould inspection to uncover hidden truths.

We are your health detectives, meticulously investigating:

  • mould inspection tools
  • Indoor air quality We don’t just identify potential mould and bacteria problems; we analyse their impact on your well-being.
  • Inflammatory triggers
    Using advanced Surviving Mould VCS testing and our innovative Photocatalytic Air Purification System (PAPS), we provide data-driven insights for your doctor to understand how your environment might be affecting your health.
  • Personalized solutions: Our goal is to reduce inflammation and improve your quality of life. With Mycotox, you’ll receive a personalized roadmap to a healthier home.

Don’t settle for guesswork.

Take control and choose the experts.