Throat & Nasal Issues from Mould Exposure

Sore throat:
Mold may not cause health effects in some individuals, or it may lead to symptoms in people who are sensitive to moulds or who have an existing chemical body burden from previous chemical exposures or who are exposed to low levels of fungal or bacterial irritants over a long period of time (chronic exposure).

Allergic reactions to mould are the most common health effects of mould. Allergic reactions may happen immediately or develop after a period of time following exposure. Mould is normally associated with bacterial contamination and both produce fine fragments which may cause immune reactions in tissue (inflammation). Once again leave the exposure for a number of days and it goes away-then come back and the health concern comes back then you have a reasonable idea there is something in your environment that your body doesn’t like

Runny nose or sinuses issues:
Sinus problems such as stuff and runny nose (rhinosinusitis) are very common. Surgery levels are higher than what we may be lead to believe to control rhinosinusitis. About 20% of chronic rhinosinusitis patients also experience chronic fatigue. Fungal balls in the sphenoid sinus cavity are not that rare. Sinus problems are often triggered by exposure to molds in the air and/or localized infection of molds (fungus) or bacterium in Sphenoid exudates’ fungal debris, oxalate crystals are often reported- oxalic acid is a fungal Mycotoxin. Several studies have reported that over 90% of rhinosinusitis patients have mold growth in the sinus cavities.

Bleeding nose:
there can be numerous reasons for a bleeding nose but fungal and bacterial components which fall in into the PM 2.5 and below have been documented to cause irritation and inflammation of tissue. Ongoing irritation may eventually lead to or result in a bleeding nose – here in Australia we have been able to see this occurring in numerous clients and when those client are removed from that environment or its professionally decontaminated that symptom disappears- you would immediately leap to the conclusion that it was something in their indoor environment which triggered the response.



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