About Mycotox

The evolution of Mycotox began nearly 28 years ago.

It has been is a long and convoluted journey on both a business and personal level, but here is an abbreviated edition.

Our company was involved in remediation work following flooding, water damage and dampness problems. While we had developed excellent systems for these structural dry-downs we also became increasingly aware of  health issues arising from both fungal and bacterial contamination within affected building structures. In some cases fungi was present from previous flooding, burst pipes or leaking showers.

We noted many situations where clients in theses affected homes and buildings had developed unusual health concerns which nobody was able to address adequately.  Quite often a clients health would improve dramatically when leaving the affected area, but sadly not for all.

The professional curiosity later turned to a passion to understand and make others aware of the dangers when my own family was affected by what appears to have been fungal contamination.

Our research led us into forming an alliance with a number of local and overseas medical research facilities, scientists and medical practitioners who were working in the new field, and this fortunately has provided us with much needed testing facilities.

Our development of indoor environmental testing and in house research is due in part to the help we have had from the likes of Dr Dennis Hooper(Real Time Labs),Dr Tim Guilford(Redisorb), Professor James Trosko (Genetics and Radiation) David Lark( Mould Lab) Sue Carrick(ex national Breast Cancer Foundation)Dr Michael Sulyok,(Mycotoxin Research Vienna) Dr Tim Roberts (Newcastle University) Dr Jack Thrasher(Toxicologist and environmental researcher) Dr Gary Erickson and many others who showed interest and offered direction.

Numerous clients have shown marked improvements after we have been able to identify indoor environmental contamination and by either carrying out decontamination or moving from the effected premises some of the results have been remarkable health wise, even in the case of a number of individual who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (see Case studies results). It is these successes that inspires us to continue bringing this hidden problem to public attention which is why we hope to be able gain ethics approval for further testing in Cancerous Breast Tissue to gather data which may link fungal positives in individuals occupied space and resultant Cancerous Breast Tissue.

In the last 3 years we have developed a strong relation ship with Surviving Mould and even more importantly with Dr Ritchie Shoemaker, which has lead to some interesting findings and this development has lead us to being involved with Dr Scott McMahon in showing a relationship with Visual Contrast Sensitivity Testing, C4a’s and now glimpses that show we maybe able to influence gene expression. All of this has really being brought about by being able to stand on the shoulders of giants like Dr Shoemaker and Dr Jimmy Ryan

Mycotox’s website like our business will continue to grow as we develop additional testing and slowly piece the contamination exposural jigsaw together, should you have any questions feel free to email us at any time, we would love to hear your story.

Vince Neil


Mycotox Pty Ltd